Our Latest Product & Services

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    Graphic design and page layout

    We provide a cost-effective option to employing in-house design staff, house designers and graphic artists. We provide a fixed price-per-page rate, which means one can budget the projects with assurance. By outsourcing the layout and design functionality to the Charleston Copy X team, you reduce your overhead, payroll, taxes, computer technology requirements, and many more. We […]

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    Photocopies are still an inexpensive and effective way to share information to the masses. Whereas email has gained in popularity in newsletter distribution, unfortunately, email spam filters keep most recipients from ever seeing your message.  Webpages are great, but if people don’t know they exist, they will never see you message.  Traditional copies, mailings, and […]

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    Business Card

    Your business card is often the first impression that potential customers have of your business. You don’t want to ruin people’s first impression of your business with cheap, homemade cards, or generic once size fits all templates off the internet. We make sure that your business cards are unique, stand out, and are not some […]

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    Printed Envelopes

    It’s simple and fast to order printed envelopes for your organization, business or event. To print specific envelopes, Charleston Copy X uses a team of experts in printing, each one with years of printing and design experience, offering both digitial and traditional offset printing services. After 50 years in business, we haveseen it all, heard […]

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    Screen Printing

    We are Charleston’s premier spot for custom screen printing and embroidery services.  We print garments for small businesses, clubs, fundraisers, 5K marathons, fraternities/sororities, Eastern Illinois University activities, and personal gifts.  We offer an online designer that rivals that off the large online only companies, but with the reassurance that your garments will be printed locally, […]

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    Poster printing and mounting services

    We offer wide format poster printing, laminating, and mounting services which are suitable for individuals or businesses looking to turn their poster into a point of sale display, sign or presentation board for exhibitions, courtroom exhibits, architectural drawings, etc.In addition to printing services, we also hot mount the laminated poster or drawing to foam board, […]